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Before you purchase: 

Order processing time is typically 48-72 hours. We make our products in small batches. If you need something sooner simply contact us

During the warmer months and climates, products can become soft or even melt. This will not affect the use, but it is best to stick your package or products upright in the fridge upon receipt for 30-60 minutes to reset. Body butter is especially sensitive and may lose it's lightly whipped consistency. 


We ship USPS Priority Mail unless your order is just lip balms then we'll ship first-class. We may use FedEx for large orders.

Upon shipment, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number.  

We try to avoid shipping any products that may sit in a USPS facility over the weekend due to unpredictable climate and won't ship later than Wednesday or Thursday depending on the zone the ship to address is in. 

Lip balms are shipped in envelopes or small boxes. When we are not using USPS-provided boxes, we recycle boxes and packaging. If for some reason you require a new box, please let us know.  

Some of our favorite ingredients:

Ingredient Information:
Aloe Juice: Organic. 100% Fractionally Distilled from Aloe Vera Leaves.

Argan Oil: Kosher Certified. Origin: Morocco.

Beeswax: Cosmetic Grade. 100% natural and are refined through physical processes, and no chemicals are used.

Cocoa Butter: Naturally refined. Kosher. Food Grade.
Coconut Oil: 100% Pure. Country of Origin: Philippines.
E- Wax: Non-GMO. Refined from vegetable oils and contains no additives. 

Grapeseed Oil: 100% Pure. Food Grade. Country of Origin: Italy.  

Glycerin: 100% Pure. Kosher USP Vegetable glycerin.

Hemp Seed Oil: 100% Pure. Country of Origin: UK * In Beard Balm and Cuticle Balm Only*
Honey: Source: Pure wildflower. Origin: Maine.   *In Body Lotion Only*
Jojoba Oil: Certified Kosher.  Country of Origin: Argentina.
Rice Bran Oil: 100% Pure extracted from the husk of rice Country of Origin: USA, Mexico * In Beard balm only
Safflower Oil: Kosher Certified. Country of Origin: USA, Europe, Mexico.
Shea Butter: Kosher Certified. Country of Origin: Ghana.

We try to keep our products as natural as possible. Some of our products do require a preservative to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. We feel good about this ingredient because it is gentle in-use, with low eye and skin irritancy and low oral toxicity.   We use Biguanide 20. Also known as Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (PABG), is a broad spectrum, fast acting bactericide. It is provided by the manufacturer as a 20% solution in water.  Originally formulated for the contact lens industry, it is also typically used in baby wipes.Non-formaldehyde, non-paraben preservative with no VOCs.

Fragrance: All fragrances are 100% pure essential oils.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition.