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Our Story

Five Islands Body Co. launched in 2015, but like any good idea, it was born out of necessity -- with a kitchen, a stand mixer, and a newborn-- in 2011.

As any new mom will tell you, the early weeks, months and even years are hard. Like many mothers before me, I spent a lot of sleep-deprived time obsessing over everything that went in and on my new baby’s little body. (OK, I still do but to a lesser degree.) It was extremely difficult finding skin care products that didn’t contain seventy-billion ingredients including synthetic ingredients and/or fragrances, even in the natural stores. I was also in tune with the vast amount of other products I was using on my body and starting to get an understanding of ingredients while reading labels in detail.

As an avid DIY’er, I took to the web and then to my kitchen to whip up my first batch body butter. It was a huge success and I loved the product and the process -- and knowing that I knew the exact ingredients going onto my baby’s skin. I often made much more than I could use and would give the surplus to friends, whose feedback was always positive. My kitchen-made butters became a go-to for their families too.  

That’s when I decided to start my own skin care line. I wanted other people to easily access non-toxic skin care products that they could feel good about using on their whole family.

All Five Islands Body Co.’s products are handmade from scratch in small batches with my oversight. You won’t find any crazy ingredients in there simply to extend the shelf-life, so they can sit in a box store for who knows how long! I keep the ingredients simple and happily list each and every one. You won’t find just “fragrance” listed on my labels because you have a right to know what you are using.

Here’s a little more about my product line:

- Fragrances are made using essential oils, not lab-made perfumes.
- Raw ingredients are purchased from wholesalers with integrity, who have certified organic, kosher, and vegan facilities.
- Whenever possible, I buy local Maine ingredients.
- The packaging is designed by a local Maine artist and is just beautiful to me. I don’t use secondary retail packaging because I don’t want to add unnecessary waste to our landfills.
- All orders are shipped using recycled materials when possible.

I hope that you enjoy using Five Island Body Co. products as much as I enjoy making them.


Margaret Morris
Margaret Morris lives along the midcoast of Maine with the loves of her life:  her husband, daughter, and son. She loves being outdoors in the gorgeous state of Maine. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, home improvement projects, exploring new places on foot, and the beach year-round. She and her husband briefly lived out of state but decided to return in 2008 to set down some roots for a family. They spent many hours cruising the Sheepscot River in a 16’ aluminum boat. When naming her business, Margaret wanted one that represented Maine. Five Islands does that and brings back some magical memories of spending time along the coast with her husband.